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YesLaw Introduces PDF Transcript Production Software

YesLaw is introducing an exciting new production tool for court reporters at the NCRA 2010 Annual Convention and Exhibition. This new tool enables court reporting companies to create YesLaw PDF Transcripts – custom-branded, full and condensed transcripts, complete with embedded and hyperlinked exhibit files, and a hyperlinked concordance/word index. This software compliments the YesLaw Generator, YesLaw’s market leading video synchronization tool and the YesLaw Online Repository the only secure web repository hosting document deposits, transcripts, linked exhibits and streaming synchronized video.

The YesLaw PDF Transcript Advantage

Hyperlinked Word Index

The YesLaw Transcript Generator auto-generates a concordance with each index word’s page:line references hyperlinked to the corresponding occurrence within the transcript. Clicking on any index word opens Adobe’s advanced search tool allowing attorneys to quickly search across all their transcripts and exhibit files with a single query. Alternatively clicking on the index word’s page:line entry immediately takes the attorney to that page within the transcript. These hyperlinked page:line entries make the transcript easier to use and are unique to PDF transcripts created by YesLaw.

Hyperlinked Exhibits

Linked exhibit files are embedded in the single PDF transcript file. Each reference to an exhibit is hyperlinked to the exhibit document and opens with a click. Each exhibit is also listed in the bookmarks section with a comprehensive list of back-links to each page the exhibit is referenced upon. So the transcript is hyperlinked to the exhibit files, and the exhibit files are hyperlinked back to all the transcript references.

Fastest Production

The YesLaw Transcript Generator fully automates production including exhibit linking and word index generation providing the fastest and easiest production process. Linking exhibits is a snap: add the exhibit files and the work is done. The Generator automatically determines the exhibit number, links each exhibit to every reference within the transcript, then back-links each exhibit to every transcript reference. The software auto-determines the case caption, deponent’s first and last name, deposition date, header and footer text and even the reporter’s signature location. The YesLaw Transcript Generator provides the highest level of automation for the fastest and most complete production process.

Professional Look

The software auto-determines the optimum line and character spacing to completely fill each page – top to bottom and left-to-right – for the best possible appearance and readability. Attorneys will never see white space or un-filled pages. The characters will be as large as possible yet never print outside of the page border. The character spacing remains consistent throughout the transcript to maintain a clean, professional look and retain column alignment – all the Q’s and A’s and indents line up perfectly. And this is all done automatically with no template changes, tweaking or reformatting required.

Smallest File Size

Even with full bookmarks, hyperlinked word index and custom-branding cover art; the YesLaw PDF transcripts are about the size of the court reporter’s ASCII. You will not find this level of optimization in other transcript format.

Unmatched Attorney Ease of Use

Attorneys can copy and paste from YesLaw PDF transcripts and retain the transcript formatting – line numbers and indents remain aligned. And if their copied text spans multiple pages, attorneys need not remove the headers, footers or watermarks after pasting. This ease-of-use is unmatched in any other PDF transcript format.

The PDF Format Advantage

The PDF format is an open standard (not proprietary like others) with free viewing/printing software available for all the Windows operating systems, Mac OSX, and Mobile devices (Blackberries, iPhones, iPads, etc) and available from multiple vendors. Indeed just about every attorney has a PDF viewer already installed on their PC eliminating the difficulty with downloading/installing proprietary transcript viewer software within secure networks and for PC users without administrative privileges.

Acrobat enables the attorneys to use a single program to manage their exhibits and transcripts, search across their transcripts and exhibit files with a single search, and mark-up/annotate the documents to collaborate with others.

As an open and ubiquitous standard, the PDF format is recommended and often required for electronic legal filing. Tech-savvy attorneys will appreciate the PDF transcripts as unlike other proprietary transcript formats, YesLaw PDF transcripts can be indexed and searched by e-discovery applications without additional conversion. And all the major trial presentation software packages support the PDF format.

Download a Sample PDF Transcript

More information can be found on the website or by contacting YesLaw at 800-910-5009 or emailing