Anywhere, Anytime, Online Repository – Branded As Your Site

All your deposition transcripts, synchronized videos, linked exhibits and documents stored in a secure, online, always-available repository. And everything is accessible with your browser and an internet connection – no software licenses to purchase or manage. Client access is from your company web site, branded to look and feel like your web site, administered by your office. Powered by YesLaw.

Powerful Search Tools

Search a terabyte of documents, exhibits, transcripts, and video depositions with powerful text search tools. All the contents are pre-indexed, so even complex searches are fast. The search result hits are highlighted within a few sentences of context and sorted by relevancy for easy screening. Advanced search options include fuzzy searches (for spelling and OCR errors), Boolean, synonym, homonym, advanced date recognition, numeric range, stemming, proximity, database fields, and variable-term weighting for hit relevancy. You can search by bates numbers, redaction attributes, or your own meta-data criteria.


Your documents are uploaded, downloaded and viewed using secure, 128-bit encrypted web communications and hosted in our secure facility.

Do you have documents too large to email?

Upload and share even over-sized documents across town or across the country. And all the transfers are secured with 128-bit encryption. Permissions and download rights are administered by the reporting firm and/or delegated to a firm administrator.

Web Delivery of YesLaw Transcript Files

Store, view, search and share your transcript and exhibit files easily – online with no worries about having the proper software or licenses. YesLaw Transcripts are easily linked with PDF exhibits and then uploaded to your secure site. Secure view-only delivery to full access delivery, you administer the rights.

Web Delivery of Video Files**

Store, view, edit and share your video easily – online with no worries about having the proper software or licenses.

Modern Web 2.0 Implementation

The modern web interface is intuitive with drag-and-drop tools and no steep learning curves, is easy to customize, and provides familiar deposition management tools. The site is multi-platform, multi-browser compatible and designed for the way you work.

Online Content


View transcripts; view linked exhibits; issue code, annotate and highlight with online transcript management tools; all you need is web access.

Video Depositions

View, highlight, edit and share high quality online synchronized video.


View, highlight, mark-up, annotate or redact hundreds of document formats even without the application that created the original document.

Discussion Forums

Organize your data and collaborate with others using online discussion forums including drag-and-drop tools to imbed hyperlinks to video deposition references, exhibit documents, edited video clips, and web links to other legal resources.

Document Databases

Store and organize your document collections.

Document Deposits

Communications of updates to individuals or groups. View document deposits and order document sets for complex litigation cases.


Compatible with all the major computer operating systems (Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7, Apple’s Mac OSX) and mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, and Blackberries).