Generator Sync Tool

Create YesLaw Products from Your Office

Laptop with YesLaw Generator Screen

Looking for more speed and convenience? YesLaw Generator software enables automated, in-house production of YesLaw DVDs and CDs.
There are no upfront costs for YesLaw Generator. YesLaw charges per disc created.
YesLaw Generator’s secure online billing system assists with invoicing clients.
Provide your own synchronization or YesLaw can do it for you.

Synchronization Services

We provide synchronized transcripts in .mdb (Sanction), .cms (TrialDirector), .lef, .ptf and .vid (RealLegal-LiveNote) formats. Almost all case preparation and presentation software programs import one or more of these formats.

  • Services includes quality control check. Any problems such as missing media, repeated transcript pages, etc., we will report the problem to you.
  • Because a person is providing the synchronization services, we are better able to synchronize video where the audio is less-than-ideal – such as a speaker with an accent or does not articulate well, the audio quality is poor, the attorneys talk over each other, cell phones and Blackberry PDAs transmit corrupting the audio, deponents handle their microphones, and the transcript does not exactly match the video.
  • Where the audio conditions are ideal or maximum speed weighs over quality, we provide faster-than-real-time auto synchronization services where voice recognition or audio mining software is used to provide the transcript-to-video synchronization.