Terms of Agreement


This Agreement (“Agreement”) is executed as of the above date by and between YesLaw, Inc., a Division of Stenograph (“YesLaw”), and Licensee (“Reseller”) as defined above. Reseller desires to utilize YesLaw software for conversion of text or ASCII court reporter transcripts to PDF formatted transcripts for the purpose of reselling them to lawyers, law firms and other legal professionals (“End Customers”).
YesLaw Transcript Generator
The YesLaw Transcript Generator is software to run on Windows PCs that converts court reporter text or ASCII-formatted transcript files to PDF-formatted, full and condensed transcripts. The software includes utilities to quickly add hyperlinks to embedded exhibit files and create a fully hyperlinked word index.
YesLaw Software Licensing Fees
For creating PDF-formatted transcripts, Reseller agrees to the following fees:

YesLaw Transcript Generator -Monthly
per site Monthly fee


YesLaw Transcript Generator – Annual 
per site Annual fee (10% discount)


YesLaw Online Resellers may use the YesLaw Transcript Generator Software on all computers at one site without additional charge.
Software updates, technical support and training are included for Transcript Generator Resellers.
Licensing Agreement
Use of the YesLaw Transcript Generator Software requires agreement to a Licensing agreement which shall be presented upon installation of the software.

Payment Terms
In consideration for the rights granted hereunder, Licensee shall pay all fees due to Yeslaw within 30 days of incurring the fees. Licensee shall make payments either by check mailed to YesLaw or through credit card payment. If licensee is more than 30 days past due, YesLaw reserves the right to either charge the outstanding balance to the credit card on file and/or disable the YesLaw Generator and/or disable hosted web access.